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8 Bit Nano - Portable Arcade Machine


Arcade machines have endured the test of time dating back to the early 80s these systems have entertained generations. Today at 8 Bit Arcades we’ve decided to take a modern spin on classic arcades pushing the boundaries!

Introducing the 8 Bit Nano

This pocket sized arcade machine is the powerhouse of console systems today! Equipped with wifi and bluetooth capabilities enjoy the luxuries of a complete entertainment system at a press of a button. Equipped with bluetooth capabilities allows for flawless in game actions and menu controls through a wireless controller.

Compatible with over 5000+ games this unique gaming system weighing less than a novel provides endless hours of family fun! Directly connect the 8 Bit Nano with an HDMI cable to your television set, power the unit and you’re ready to play. The 8 Bit Nano uniquely ties versatility with the convenience required in todays on-the-go lifestyles; the durable carrying case allows for portability for quick trips.

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Product Description:  

Includes 8 Bit Nano with clear case (NOT the upgraded gaming case shown in pictures)

32GB Microsd Gaming System 

On-board WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

USB Power Supply with ON/OFF SWITCH

Mini Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Touchpad 

Instruction Manual


Additional gaming systems/storage —  64GB or 128GB  $65 / $125

Accessible Gaming Case (as shown in images) $45 

Add-on: 1-4 Wireless Gaming Controllers  $55 each 

Arcade fightsticks - compatible with all gaming systems (coming soon)  $145

If requesting additional upgrades/add-ons please indicate below. A separate invoice for the upgrades will be generated automatically upon placing an 8 Bit nano order:

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