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You asked for it. Now its here!!!

To bring the pinball experience back to life. The team at 8 Bit Arcades has sourced everything necessary to delivery an enriched pinball experience never felt before. Taking old and new to the world of bumpers and multi-balls with over 100 tables to choose from.

The Viper Virtual Pinball Machines are brand new CNC cut cabinets . Will be constructed with brand new parts as listed: 

- A 42" LED Playfield

- 32" Backglass Display

- 19" DMD Score Display

- 3 shaker motors to give the real pinball feel!!!

- 4 speaker 6.1 surround sound with subwoofer

- Custom Artwork Designs 

- Chrome Alow Monitor Bezels 

- Williams Chrome Leg and Leg Levellers 

- Base LED stripes 

- Over 100+ Tables are on the unit!!! 

Delivering to the demands of customers these Virtual Pinball Machines will be available for purchase in the coming weeks! If you are interested in the unit please contact us immediately as monthly pre-orders will fill.

Competitors are selling lesser units for upwards to $9000, with bare minimum units at $6000. Perform a quick eBay search of Virtual Pinball units! 8 Bit Arcades will be developing top of the line product at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Don't delay contact us today :D 

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