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2-Player Bartop Arcade


The arcade is running over 2500+ games. Titled with all your arcade classics from Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Galaxian, Centipede, Galaga, Qbert, Space Invaders PacMan series and the list goes on.

A one of a kind arcade cabinet build within an classic arcade machines scaled to size! The arcade has original Nintendo artwork with new marquee, bezel, control panel and side artwork. Every system is newly cut and made with new parts that will a last life time.

Compatible Gaming List:

Complete NEO GEO gaming system (151 games)

All Super Nintendo Games (721 games)

All Nintendo Entertainment System Games (823 games)

N64 Games (50+ games)

The arcade is a one button push to start; plug and play ready.

The now customizable Bartop Arcades:

-the joysticks may be changed to ball-top joysticks

-changeable button color/layout

-monitor size

-custom artwork design

The following artwork is provided as is. All images, logos and trademarks are the property of the original license holder. Artwork is fan-made and designed to be used on home DIY projects only.

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